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Die Kansas City Chiefs sind ein American-Football-Team der US-amerikanischen National Football League. Sie spielen dort in der American Football Conference in der Western Division. Die Chiefs spielten von 19als Dallas Texans, bevor es. Der erste Super Bowl nach heutigem Vorbild wurde als AFL-NFL World Championship Game ausgetragen, in dem erstmals der Sieger der traditionellen NFL. League (NFL), darunter die Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots und Kansas City Chiefs. American Football NFL (USA) - Siegerliste: hier gibt es die Liste aller Sieger. NFL Die Gewinner und Verlierer von Super Bowl Ein MVP, der Geschichte schreibt, eine Halftime-Show für die Geschichtsbücher und die traurige.

Nfl Gewinner

Der erste Super Bowl nach heutigem Vorbild wurde als AFL-NFL World Championship Game ausgetragen, in dem erstmals der Sieger der traditionellen NFL. für eine erste Bilanz. Der Top-Quarterback, Top-Defenses, eine Skandalnudel und die Lachnummer der Liga: kürt zehn Gewinner und zehn Verlierer. NFL:Die Gewinner und Verlierer des Drafts. American Football: Der Receiver Jerry Jeudy bei einem Touchdown. für eine erste Bilanz. Der Top-Quarterback, Top-Defenses, eine Skandalnudel und die Lachnummer der Liga: kürt zehn Gewinner und zehn Verlierer. Die Kansas City Chiefs besiegten beim diesjährigen Super Bowl die San Francisco 49ers mit Die meisten Super Bowls gewannen bisher. NFL:Die Gewinner und Verlierer des Drafts. American Football: Der Receiver Jerry Jeudy bei einem Touchdown. Tom Brady zieht es zu den Tampa Bay Buccaneers, DeAndre Hopkins unterschreibt bei den Arizona Cardinals: Die wichtigsten Trades der Free Agency Tom Brady hat zum sechsten Mal in seiner Karriere den Super Bowl gewonnen. Eine Übersicht über die erfolgreichsten Quarterbacks der NFL. As evidence of Lori's new lease on life, she and Sonya do something they used to dread: putting on bathing suits. Bob talks about the two contenders, saying Matt lost 16 pounds last week, so he could be at a disadvantage, while Gina lost so little the past two weeks, click here may have an advantage. Dolvett commends him for letting go read article the Beste Spielothek in Reigersdorf finden and anger he's been holding in his whole life. Toma is the last to enter the tent, and while he manages to eat a whopping calories, this web page body can barely take see more after eating so cleanly for five weeks. Toma and Sonya flip their canoes and end up in the water, while Rob finally gets his puzzle pieces, only to flip. When Blake started the Biggest Loser she weighed lbs. She reveals that as of October, she will be a real-life year-old virgin, and is desperate to overcome the insecurities that are holding her .

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The contestants have to pull their body weight across a canyon while suspended nearly feet in the air - the height of a ten-story building.

Woody is NOT having it - he's terrified of heights and is excited to sit out because the White Team has extra players.

When Ali points out that he sat out the last challenge, and therefore must compete in this one, the devastated look on Woody's face is heartrending.

This challenge has a lot at stake. Whoever wins gets to choose one player from any team to sideline at the next weigh-in, meaning their weight will not count towards their team's total.

This could finally be the week that the White Team gets taken down a peg! In addition, the Red Line is now in play, which means that the member of the losing team with the lowest weight-loss percentage will automatically be sent home.

Surprise, surprise, after the first round, the White Team is in the lead. Damien gives an extra push to catch up to them and suddenly hears a pop!

His shoulder is injured but he pushes through the pain, unwilling to let his team down. By the final round, the White Team is still ahead, but then Woody is up While Woody is pushing himself, Lori comes from behind, making the zip line look easy.

She passes the Red Team's Rob and is almost there, but Woody finally makes it across, bringing home a victory for the White Team once again.

At the Last Chance Workout, the Red and Blue Teams strategize and prepare for one of their team members to be sidelined at the weigh-in.

The Blue Team assumes that Damien will be chosen and it will be up to the three ladies to pull their weight for the team.

They're up for the challenge and are excited to have Damien's back the way he had theirs the week before. Meanwhile, Jen takes the White Team to the beach for their last workout and a strategy session.

At the Comeback Canyon weigh-in, Mike faces off against Chandra to see who will stay with Bob another week. Mike steps on the scale first, posting a seven-pound weight loss, 2.

After five weeks, Mike has lost an incredible 73 pounds! Chandra needs at least seven pounds to stay in the game, but comes up short with four pounds.

She takes it in stride, though, and walks out with her head held high. Back at the ranch, it's time for the Week 5 weigh-in - and the dreaded Red Line.

In the end, they choose Damien The Red Team is up, and Scott steps on the scale first, posting a massive pound weight loss.

Blake is up next and loses seven pounds, followed by Rob with five, and Jordan with seven. The Red Team's total is 32 pounds, or 2.

The Blue Team weighs in next, and it's up to the ladies to keep the team above water. Gina loses an impressive seven pounds, followed by Lori who loses a whopping nine.

Jackie rounds it out with another eight pounds, meaning the Blue Team's total is 24 pounds, or 3. Even though his weight doesn't count towards their total, Damien steps on the scale and loses a mere six pounds, meaning the White Team's plan backfired.

With the sideline twist having no effect on the weigh-in, the White Team is on their own to make sure they stay six members strong.

JJ posts five pounds, followed by Sonya with six, Woody with seven, and Rondalee with eight. Toma loses nine pounds, but when Matt gets on the scale, he puts up just three pounds, bringing the White Team's total to 38 pounds, or 2.

This means they have lost the weigh-in and that Matt, with the lowest weight loss percentage, is automatically going home.

The kicker is that if the team had chosen to sideline Scott, they would have won by 0. And that would mean that Rob would have been automatically eliminated because he has the lowest percentage.

Luckily for Matt, he is headed to Comeback Canyon, where he will take on Mike next week. Chandra's now weighs lbs. Chandra plans on losing lbs.

First aired October 16, Week 6 starts off with a test of the mind, body and taste buds, which can only mean one thing Alison welcomes everyone to a tailgate party, where each player will have three minutes in a tent filled with typical tailgating foods - the last thing the contestants should be putting in their bodies.

Without knowing how the other players choose, the contestants must decide whether or not they will eat, and whoever eats the most calories wins immunity at the next weigh-in.

It's the biggest risk and the biggest reward thus far. However, the winning player's weight will still count towards their team's total, and if they gain weight this week, they will lose immunity.

Also, the Red Line is once again in play this week. Woody is up first, and despite some initial hesitation, eats calories worth of meatballs.

Scott has a few meatballs, for a total of calories, but has a hard time getting them down. JJ is overwhelmed by temptation, but remembers how terrible he felt on Day 1 and never wants to feel that way again.

Blake also refuses to eat, as does Rondalee, who actually drops to the ground and does burpees for three minutes instead. Sonya, Lori, Gina, Damien and Jordan also resist temptation, while Rob decides to go for it and eats calories, taking the lead.

Toma is the last to enter the tent, and while he manages to eat a whopping calories, his body can barely take it after eating so cleanly for five weeks.

In the end, it was worth the stomachache, as Toma wins immunity for the week! At the gym, Jen pushes Toma especially hard, and he promises his team he will not let them down, despite his immunity.

On the Red Team, Dolvett is worried about Rob falling back into his old habits after only losing five pounds last week and choosing to eat at the temptation challenge.

But Rob assures him he's never felt so good and finally loves himself - he will never return to the old Rob.

Dolvett is also concerned about Scott. While the NFL quarterback has been a powerful leader for his team, Dolvett thinks there are deeper issues he needs to resolve.

Scott opens up about the lack of love in his childhood and how, no matter what successes came his way, he could never find a home.

Dolvett commends him for letting go of the pain and anger he's been holding in his whole life. Scott thanks him, adding, "I don't want to die while I'm still alive.

Jackie reminds herself that her kids have never seen her happy, and Jessie adds that being at home doesn't mean as much as being away now so she can return the best mother she can be.

Jackie realizes she's fighting for her life, her happiness and herself - and she wants to win! At Comeback Canyon, Bob sits down with Mike, who has written a beautiful poem about his experience thus far.

It's called The Lesser Man, and discusses his struggle with weight, grief and fear in general.

Mike and Matt have done a great job motivating each other this week, and both men have really impressed Bob. Unfortunately, only one can stay at Comeback Canyon Mike steps on the scale first and posts an incredible pound loss, 3.

Matt knows he has to lose at least 12 pounds to defeat Mike, which he does by dropping a shocking 16 pounds! And with that, Mike must say goodbye and head home for good.

At the ranch, it's time to see if Toma's tailgate temptation backfires on the White Team. JJ gets on the scale first and loses seven pounds, bringing him to pounds.

He's elated, as the last time he was that weight, he was a Division 1 football star. Sonya is up next and also loses seven pounds, followed by Rondalee who loses six, and Woody who loses eight.

Toma is up last and wants to prove to his team he's a man of his word and worked his hardest this week. He posts a solid seven pounds and is very proud of himself.

The White Team's total is 35 pounds, 2. The Blue Team is up next, and they need to lose more than 25 pounds to stay safe. Jackie drops five pounds, followed by Lori, who loses four.

Gina only posts three pounds, leaving Damien to make up the slack for his team. He needs to lose 13 pounds, but only loses seven and is upset with himself for being unable to come through at a clutch moment.

The Blue Team's total weight loss is 19 pounds, 1. The Red Team now needs to lose more than 21 pounds to stay in the game and send the Blue Team to elimination.

Scott posts seven pounds, followed by Jordan, who loses six, and Blake, who loses five. Rob is up last and needs to lose more than three pounds.

He's very concerned after his poor performance last week, but he manages to drop an impressive 11 pounds!

Crying, he expresses how grateful he is to still be here and that he's finally learning to love himself.

The Red Team's total is 29 pounds, 2. Unfortunately for the Blue Team, that means they must send one of their own home.

This week it's Gina, whose 1. We'll see how she matches up against Matt at next week's Comeback Canyon weigh-in.

Mike is back at home now weighing lbs. He plans on walking 9 miles and swimming 4 miles every day and weighing at lbs. First aired October 23, The contestants have been competing as teams for nearly two months, and nobody wants to let their team down.

This week, however, is all about not letting the trainers down. Jessie takes Lori out onto the softball field to tap into her inner athlete and why she's at the ranch.

Lori was the first woman in Olympic history to throw a no-hitter and played in three Olympics, but hasn't set foot on a field in ten years.

Lori puts on her USA jersey, steps out onto the mound, and pitches another no-hitter against Jessie. It feels amazing to still be able to throw the ball hard, and she doesn't think she could have done that seven weeks ago.

At the Challenge, Dolvett, Jessie and Jen sit on diving boards high above a pool. If the entire team lets go of the rope, the weight hits a target and the trainer falls into the water.

The first team to drop their trainer loses him or her for the whole week. The second team to drop their trainer only gets to see them for the Last Chance Workout.

The Blue Team only has three players, so Damien, Jackie and Lori are all competing, and have to hold up pounds.

Scott is the first to drop after 34 minutes, followed by Jordan. This leaves the Red Team's fate in Rob's hands.

Unfortunately, Rob can't hold on anymore and Dolvett drops. Rob freaks out - he thinks without Dolvett this week, he'll be the one going home.

But she can't hold on any longer and drops, which means the Blue Team wins! Not one of their members let go of their rope, and they finally take down the undefeated White Team.

Scott feels like he let the Red Team down by being the first to fall, but without Dolvett this week, he is determined to lead his team to victory by example.

The White Team is worried about only having Jen for one day and don't want to let her down. The course is a team effort, which means Matt can't just do everything on his own and must learn to work with a partner.

Gina is working on not being anxious and afraid, and Bob wants her to be confronted by scary exercises to prove to herself how strong she is.

Both model and mom step up and impress Bob with their hard work and collaboration. Unfortunately, only one can stay.

Bob talks about the two contenders, saying Matt lost 16 pounds last week, so he could be at a disadvantage, while Gina lost so little the past two weeks, she may have an advantage.

Gina is up first and loses a mere three pounds. Matt needs to lose five or more pounds to keep his comeback alive. Matt steps on the scale and only loses two pounds, meaning Gina is safe for another week!

Matt walks out with his head held high and considers this experience a blessing. He vows that the next time America sees him, he will have his six-pack abs back.

She calls it the Only Chance Workout, and pushes them harder than ever. Jessie has the Blue Team work with punching bags that weigh the amount they have each lost since coming to the ranch.

The players cannot believe they used to carry around all that weight and feel incredible about their progress thus far. At the weigh-in, it's time to see whether the Blue Team can sweep Week 7, or whether the other teams can prove they can do it on their own.

The Red Line is also in play again this week, meaning the player on the losing team with the lowest percentage of weight loss will automatically be sent home.

The Red Team is up first, and it's time to find out how they did without Dolvett. Rob steps on the scale and loses nine pounds. At pounds, he's excited to say goodbye to the s and can't believe he weighed when he first looked at the Biggest Loser website.

Jordan and Scott both lose seven pounds, followed by Blake who loses five, and also falls into "one"derland. The Red Team's total is 28 pounds, or 2.

The Blue Team is up next and needs to lose more than 20 pounds. Lori is up first and loses five pounds, followed by Jackie who loses a mere two.

Once again, it's all up to Damien, who must lose more than 13 pounds to keep his team safe. Damien steps on the scale and loses five, meaning the Blue Team lost a total of 12 pounds, 1.

Jessie is upset and thinks he needs to reevaluate how he's training his team. The White Team is up last, and must lose more than 20 pounds, despite only having Jen for one day.

JJ drops a solid seven, while Toma and Woody only lose four. Rondalee is up next and posts just two pounds, which means Sonya has to lose at least four to save her team.

Sonya steps on the scale… and loses six pounds! She is elated to have been able to pull through for her team.

Their grand total is 23 pounds, 1. This means that despite their challenge win, the Blue Team has lost and must face the Red Line.

Sadly, it's Jackie's time to leave the ranch, as she only lost 0. She is at peace with that, and is so proud to go home to be a role model to her two girls.

Now the Blue Team is down to two players Since Matt first started the show, he now weighs at lbs. He plans on getting the six-pack abs by the finale and plan his wedding.

First aired October 30, It's Week 8, and in the past two months, the contestants have lost nearly pounds!

In this week's competition, each team chooses an MVP to go head-to-head running on a giant treadmill. When a player can no longer run, they fall into the pool.

The last player running not only wins the challenge for their team, but also wins the opportunity to assign penalties to the two losing teams.

The Blue Team is down to only two players - Damien and Lori - so the stakes are especially high. The Red Team hasn't won a challenge all season and they are very sick of losing.

Rondalee is the first to fall in, leaving the quarterback and the lineman to face off. It's a tough battle, but in the end Damien drops, which means Scott nabs the Red Team's first victory!

Now it's time to assign the penalties. One team will be on cleaning duty - they have to clean the whole house and can't hit the gym until their chores are done.

The other team will be leaving the ranch and won't be back until the weigh-in. They won't have their trainer or access to the gym.

Instead, they'll be headed to the polar opposite of the ranch: Las Vegas. The Red Team decides to send the White Team to Vegas, seeing as they've been the dominant team all season.

That means Damien and Lori are going to have to clean house all week. She's very concerned about him heading back to the city where he gained all his weight and lost his wife.

It will be his first anniversary without his wife of 29 years. Woody is determined to stay on track and make the most of the trip.

The White Team arrives in Vegas and is sent to a lavish suite filled with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne.

Woody knows firsthand that this is the city of temptation - it's a hour town and it's hard to stay focused. So the team braves the hotel buffet, hoping to find low-calorie, low-sodium options.

It's a struggle, but they're making it work. They even manage to find creative ways to exercise - swimming in the hotel pool and climbing the faux Eiffel Tower.

The contestants are finally getting some real-world experience and are learning how to fend for themselves. While most of the team is staying on track, Rondalee and Sonya are worried about JJ.

He wants to "sin and win," meaning party it up in Vegas while still winning at the weigh-in. Can he pull it off?

Back at the ranch, the Blue Team is stuck on cleaning duty, and the house is a complete pigsty. Jessie is frustrated and pitches in with the cleaning in order to get them into the gym faster.

Of course, the Red Team is living it up with the gym to themselves! Dolvett couldn't be happier, but wants to continue working with Blake on her self-worth.

She misses her friends and family and is having a hard time being alone. Dovlett wants her to realize she's the priority - it's her time to take care of herself and to find out who she is.

Over at Comeback Canyon, it's time for Jackie and Gina to weigh in. Bob has been working with the two moms all week on putting themselves first and focusing on their needs, and not just the needs of their families.

Gina is five pounds away from "One"derland, and hasn't weighed less than pounds since high school.

Jackie's husband has never seen her under , and at , she's ready to reach that milestone. Jackie steps on the scale and loses three pounds, reaching her goal of weighing in the s.

Gina is up next, and at pounds, she needs to lose at least three pounds to stay in the game. Sadly, she only loses two, meaning she not only failed to reach "One"derland, she must also leave Comeback Canyon.

At the ranch weigh-in, the Red Team is up first, as they're the only team without penalties this week. Rob loses nine pounds, Jordan loses six, and Scott loses five.

Blake is up next - she feels a lot of emotional weight has been lifted this week, and wonders whether that will translate on the scale.

She steps on the scale and loses only three pounds, to , leaving her devastated and terrified of going home. The Red Team's total weight loss is 23 pounds, or 2.

The White Team is up next, and it's time to find out whether they were sinners or winners during their week in Vegas.

They must lose more than 28 pounds to stay safe. Rondalee weighs in first and loses three pounds. JJ is up next, and everyone is concerned his partying will have taken its toll.

But for the third week in a row, he drops a solid seven pounds. Toma loses eight and Woody is overjoyed to have lost seven.

Overall, the team really stepped it up in Vegas, losing a total of 31 pounds, or 2. It's the moment of truth for the Blue Team.

Damien and Lori need to lose a collective 11 pounds, or they'll be down to a team of one. Lori loses only three and is heartbroken.

It's once again up to Damien to pull through Damien drops nine pounds, saving his team and bringing their total weight loss to 12 pounds, or 2.

But their joy is bittersweet, as this means that Blake has fallen below the Red Line and must leave the ranch.

She's upset, but determined to keep working hard at home. Back at home, Gina weighs lbs. First aired November 6, The contestants have officially reached the halfway point, and to celebrate, there are three special guests at the ranch to kick up the competition: Three-time Super Bowl champion Willie McGinest ; all-time leading receiver for the Packers, Donald Driver ; and NFL Hall of Famer, Michael "the Playmaker" Irvin.

The NFL stars are not only going to participate in this week's challenge, they're also going to help coach the teams throughout the week.

This week, the contestants will compete in a football challenge with both their trainers and new coaches. This is Scott's worst nightmare - he's embarrassed that he's let himself go and is worried about the comments his former peers will make.

Willie was Damien's mentor when he came up in the league, and Damien couldn't be happier to have his old friend by his side.

The NFL stars will launch footballs at a trainer and contestant pair who are tied together. They must catch the ball, run it down the field, and throw it to another contestant in the end zone.

The first team to get 10 footballs in the end zone grabs their sports drink, runs it down the field and drenches their coach.

The winning team gets to video chat with their loved ones at home. Lori instantly gets emotional at the prospect of talking to her husband and son, and Jordan lights up at the idea of speaking with his pregnant wife.

As soon as the competition begins, the Red and Blue Teams take off, while the White Team can't seem to catch one football.

Sonya is a softball infielder and says she has no depth perception, and Jen keeps falling over. Finally they catch their first ball, but by that time the other two teams are nearly done.

It's Scott vs. Damien, and in the end the Red Team is victorious! Scott realizes there was nothing to fear - the NFL stars are there to support him and the others.

As Ali congratulates the Red Team on their victory and video chat prize, Rob announces that he'd like to give his video chat to Lori, who needs it more than he does.

Lori is elated and incredibly grateful that she can now say happy birthday to her son. During her session, Lori's husband and son tell her they are doing just fine without her and she can't come back yet.

They don't want her to worry about them and they're not falling apart as Lori feared. Now that she can rest assured that her family is doing well, Lori feels she can focus on herself and the happy, positive person she's turning into.

During his video chat, Scott gets to speak with his wife, son and daughter, all of whom burst into tears upon seeing how great he looks. The whole family sees this journey as a blessing and have an incredible attitude about everything.

Jordan is beyond happy to see his wife, who was four and a half months pregnant when he left for the show, but is now only six weeks away from giving birth.

She shows him an ultrasound and her burgeoning belly, and reminds Jordan how proud she is of him, and how he's doing this for the benefit of the family in the long run.

Back in the gym, the workouts with the legends have really motivated the contestants and trainers. After an inspiration workout, everyone huddles up and the pros give an epic pep talk.

Later, Scott sits down with Michael, who can understand the ups and downs of playing and retiring from professional football.

He gets a lot of insight from his fellow NFLer and feels like he's ready to let some of his pain go. But this week, both women lost three pounds the week before, so they're pretty evenly matched.

That said, Jackie is up first on the scale. She loses six pounds, or 2. Blake is up next, and is worried because she has had a bunch of injuries and has been wearing two boots since Week 3.

At pounds, she needs to lose at least five pounds to beat Jackie. Unfortunately, she loses just one pound, or 0.

She's embarrassed, but Bob assures her there's nothing to be embarrassed about. She has grown up tremendously, opened up little by little and feels great now.

When she first got to the ranch, she wanted to lose weight to make her parents proud, but she has since learned it needs to be about her.

Although she's sad to see Blake leave, Jackie is incredibly proud of herself - she's the first contestant to win two weeks in a row at Comeback Canyon and is looking forward to defending her title.

At the ranch weigh-in, the White Team is up first. Rondalee steps on the scale and is thrilled to have lost seven pounds, breaking the pound weight loss mark.

JJ is up next and loses four pounds, while Toma loses eight. Woody is disappointed to have only lost three, but Sonya knocks it out of the park, losing a whopping nine pounds.

The team's total weight loss is 31 pounds 2. The Blue Team is up next, and needs to lose more than 12 pounds to stay safe. Lori drops six, so it's up to Damien to lose more than six pounds.

But when he gets on the scale, he and everyone else are shocked to see he only dropped three pounds. That three does not reflect the work he did this week.

The Blue Team's total is nine pounds 1. The Red Team needs to lose more than 14 pounds to avoid the Red Line. Scott is up first and loses six pounds, followed by Jordan, who loses five.

If Rob loses four pounds, he not only keeps the Red Team safe, but also hits the pounds lost mark.

He gets on the scale He has now lost a total of pounds since arriving at the ranch. The Red Team's total weight loss is 24 pounds 2.

Sadly for Damien, despite posting big numbers week after week, the scale wasn't in his favor this time, and he is automatically eliminated.

It will be interesting to see him take on the reigning champion Jackie at Comeback Canyon next week. When Blake started the Biggest Loser she weighed lbs.

She now weighs lbs. She hopes to be in an adult soccer league and win the At-home prize. First aired November 13, To kick off the second half of the season, Ali announces it's time to re-pick the teams!

At the beginning of the season, the contestants chose their teams, but this time the teams will be formed by chance.

Each contestant will step up and select a kettlebell without seeing the color underneath. Whatever color they choose will determine the team they join.

Sonya, having lost the highest percentage of weight, gets to choose first. She's completely freaked - she's been the biggest loser on the ranch for the past four weigh-ins, and Jen has been a huge part of her success.

Sonya flips over her kettlebell One by one, everyone else chooses kettlebells and in the end, the new teams are:. It's the first workout with the new teams, and some people are adjusting to the change better than others.

Scott welcomes new beginnings, but Sonya is having a really hard time. Dolvett sits down and helps her work on seeing change as a positive thing.

She has struggled with self-esteem her whole life, and while she did a lot of emotional work with Jen, with Dolvett she's focusing on being proud of the way she looks.

Now it's time for this week's challenge, with special guest Chef Rocco DiSpirito, who is here to help them learn to cook healthy.

Each team will prepare a meal for Rocco, and the team with the best dish gets a one-pound advantage at the weigh-in.

Rocco will be looking for taste, creativity and naturally, healthfulness. The Blue Team decides to make an egg white frittata and a healthy spin on French toast.

The White Team makes an egg white omelet with asparagus and salmon, topped with homemade salsa and avocado, as well as French toast.

The Red Team creates a turkey burger with egg on top, sweet potato chips and fruit. Rocco and Ali taste all the dishes, and Rocco is very impressed.

In terms of flavor, the Red Team stood out, but not in a good way. It was neck and neck between Blue and White, and solely based on the nutritional value, the winner of a one-pound advantage is The other teams are concerned with the White Team's win; since they are the lightest team at the ranch, one pound can go a long way.

Meanwhile, over at Comeback Canyon, former teammates Damien and Jackie are now going head-to-head. Jackie steps on the scale first with a previous weight of pounds.

Her current weight is , meaning she lost four pounds, or 1. She's happy to have finally made it into the s. Damien is up next, with a previous weight of He needs to lose at least six pounds to dethrone Jackie, and loses an impressive eight, or 2.

He is psyched to be so close to the s, and to stay at Comeback Canyon another week. Jackie is happy to go home a different, stronger, happier person who can't wait to teach her kids a healthier lifestyle.

At the ranch weigh-in, everyone is nervous to see how the new teams will shake out. The White Team is up first and starts off with their one-pound advantage.

Scott steps on the scale and loses nine pounds to pounds. Lori drops four pounds to pounds. Rondalee is hoping to get below pounds, her plateau weight since high school.

Unfortunately, she only loses three pound to , which Jen thinks has to do with the fact that she still hasn't gotten to the bottom of why Rondalee doesn't value herself.

The White Team's total weight loss is 17 pounds, 2. The Red Team needs to lose more than 18 pounds to stay safe from the Red Line.

Sonya is up first and at pounds, is shooting for Wonderland - she hasn't been in the s since she was in high school.

She loses six pounds to , narrowly missing her goal. Rob is up next and loses eight pounds to , followed by Toma, who loses nine pounds to In total, the Red Team loses 23 pounds, or 2.

Last but not least is the Blue Team, which needs to drop 20 pounds. JJ steps up and loses eight, landing him at pounds. Jordan is up next and loses a mere two pounds to , meaning the pressure is on Woody.

He needs to lose 11 pounds to save Jordan, and after a few bad weigh-ins, he personally needs a win. Woody steps on the scale The team's total is 25 pounds, 2.

This means that Rondalee has fallen below the Red Line, and must leave the ranch. Jackie now weighs lbs. First aired November 20, Just when the new teams were settling in, they're dissolved for the week.

The contestants are all on one team - and they have a mission. If all eight remaining contestants can lose a combined total of 50 pounds, everyone is safe for the week.

But if they don't, there will be a yellow line and it'll be up to the rest of the players to vote someone out. Now comes the challenge.

The players have one hour to take sandbags from a giant pile and create a new pile of sandbags high enough to reach a set of planks.

There are ten planks hanging overhead, the highest of which is 14 feet off the ground. For every plank the contestants knock off, they reduce the amount of weight the group has to lose by one pound.

If they get all the planks, the players only have to lose 40 pounds this week in order to avoid the vote. It's over degrees out, but the players aren't letting the heat stop them.

They establish a sandbag perimeter and then start piling up a sand hill in the middle. Scott is the designated jumper and right off the bat knocks off two pounds.

Then three. Then another two. With 20 minutes remaining, the players have three planks left. Everyone is sitting on the sandbags to hold them down while Scott jumps.

He knocks another plank, as well as Toma's head, and with five minutes left, manages to knock down the last two planks in the nick of time!

Now the eight contestants must lose an average of five pounds each in order to stay safe this week.

In the gym, everyone works hard and works together, although Dolvett is worried about Rob, who seems distracted.

Rob explains that when he first got to the ranch, his self-hate was his fuel, what got him jacked up to work out.

With pounds left to lose, Dolvett explains that he has to stop making pain his friend. Meanwhile, Jessie has his eye on Woody. He lost 15 pounds last week, which could make this week very tough for him.

This week also marks the one-year anniversary of his wife's death, and Woody is emotional. He made a promise to her that he'd get healthy and that promise has been driving him through this process.

His word is his bond and he has to do this. Over at Comeback Canyon, newcomer Rondalee is preparing to take on reigning champion Damien.

She currently weighs pounds and would love to get below , her plateau weight. Bob's plan is to ignite her fire and teach her to love herself for who she is.

She lost three pounds last week, so she's primed for a big weight loss this week. Always a competitor, the former volleyball star says, "To be the best, you have to beat the best.

At the weigh-in, Rondalee meets her goal, dropping four pounds to She's elated, as it's been eight years since she weighed less than pounds.

Damien, who currently weighs , now needs to lose at least six pounds to win. He steps on the scale and drops a whopping 11 pounds, landing him at !

Damien couldn't be happier - he hasn't weighed less than pounds since middle school. With his 3. Back at the ranch, it's time to see whether the all-for-one team can hit its pound goal.

If not, the two players with the lowest weight loss percentage fall below the yellow line, and the remaining players must choose one of them to go home.

Sonya is up first and is hopeful that she'll finally get to Wonderland, where she hasn't been since high school. She steps on the scale and loses three pounds to , but is reluctant to celebrate reaching her goal, as she posted such a low number.

Jordan is up next and drops four pounds to Dolvett is disappointed in him and thinks he could have done better. JJ steps up next and only loses three pounds.

Now everyone is getting worried - they're only at ten pounds and have 30 left to lose to keep everyone safe. That means the next five players must lose an average of six pounds a piece.

But it's not looking good. Woody and Lori each lose only two pounds, followed by Rob who loses just one pound. Toma is up next and shocks the room Disappointed in himself, Toma explains there are still things inside of him that he needs to work out.

Dolvett admits he didn't realize Toma was struggling, since he always says he's fine. Scott now has to pull off the biggest Hail Mary pass of all time.

He needs to lose 26 pounds to save the whole team from elimination, which is nearly impossible. If he loses at least one pound, he pushes Rob below the yellow line and saves himself.

Scott steps on the scale… and loses ZERO pounds! Everyone is completely shocked, and now they must choose between sending Scott or Toma home.

It's a terrible decision, as Scott has been a leader and motivator all season long, while Toma has been working hard, but still has a lot of work left to do.

During a tearful vote, Jordan and Rob vote to send Toma home, as Scott has been their friend and teammate at the ranch.

JJ, Woody, and Lori vote to send Scott home, as they feel he is the most capable of succeeding at home. Despite his devastation, Scott has no hard feelings towards his fellow contestants and truly feels he has found himself throughout this process.

He is happy to go home if it means Toma can continue his journey. But it's not over yet for Scott, as he competes against Damien, the two-time super bowl champion.

Rondalee now weighs lbs. She helps assists volleyball at her local high school and wants to do a triathlon after the finale. First aired December 11, Coming off last week's devastating weigh-in, the final seven contestants are happy to still be here - and determined to make it to the end.

Alison congratulates them all on making it to Week 12 and announces they have reached a new phase of the game: The Playoffs.

If they want to take the title, they'll have to do it on their own, because we're officially going to singles!

The contestants are now free to workout with any of the trainers, but must face a Yellow Line this week. At the first singles workout, the trainers push the players hard - they have a lot of catching up to do after their dismal performance on the scale last week.

Rob is worried that with Scott gone, the former Team White members have a voting block of five, which gives them all the power.

He knows it's paramount that he stay above the yellow line because old alliances don't die. Jessie realizes Rob's biggest issue is trust and encourages Rob to not let the games that go on at the ranch get in the way of the bigger picture.

I was pounds. This week's challenge is a track and field event, Biggest Loser style. The contestants must jump over hurdles, wade through mud pits and memorize a pattern of colors.

Then they return to the beginning and put colored pins in 16 squares to represent the pattern; they press a button that tells them whether they're right or wrong.

If they're wrong, they must repeat the track and field course to check the color pattern. The first player to correctly recreate the pattern wins immunity!

Lori is worried - she has a stress fracture on her foot and is medically cleared to compete, but she can only walk, not run. She figures this competition is a wash, and she'll never win.

Toma is off to an early lead until Jordan passes him. Toma, Jordan and Woody are the first to get back to their color palettes to attempt to match the colors.

Everyone gets it wrong on their first pass, which inspires JJ to adopt the strategy of going piece by piece and getting the pattern right, rather than attempting to fill the whole board at once.

After going back and forth several times, Lori thinks she has it right but is afraid to press the button and have to return through the mud pits before she can guess again.

She finally hits it - and wins! Lori now has immunity for the week. Later on, the trainers have a surprise for everyone.

To help push past last week, they reached out to the players' "home teams" to create video messages for their loved ones at the ranch. Rob gets a message from the rugby team he used to coach.

Sonya gets messages from her elementary school PE class and Lori's old Olympic coach and teammate reach out to her with kind words.

Woody, Jordan and JJ get messages from their old teammates. Toma gets a very special message from Frank Klopas , a former Chicago Fire pro soccer player whom Toma and his late father used to watch play.

It reminds Toma of the good times he shared with his father and brings tears to his eyes. After Toma's emotional reaction and weight gain last week, Dolvett decides to take him off the ranch to a soccer field.

The former soccer player comes alive, scoring goal after goal on Dolvett and reminiscing about his childhood and his father.

He runs them through the NFL combine and is immensely proud at how far they've come since day one.

When it comes to the weigh-in, it's going to be a tough fight. Damien has won two weigh-ins in a row - could tonight make it three?

It'll be difficult considering Scott has the advantage of losing zero pounds last week. Scott steps on the scale first and loses nine pounds, 3.

Damien needs 10 pounds to keep his comeback alive, but only loses two, 0. Bob is sad to see him go, but is proud of Damien for losing 95 pounds.

At the Ranch weigh-in, the contestants are eager to break out of last week's rut. Lori, who has immunity as long as she didn't gain weight, is up first and drops three pounds to Woody is up next and loses nine.

At pounds, JJ is hoping to drop under , which he hasn't done since junior year of high school. He's ready to say goodbye to the 3s forever and he comes close - he loses six to reach pounds exactly - and isn't happy.

Sonya now needs to lose more than five pounds to stay safe, but knocks it out of the park by losing eight. Jordan drops nine pounds, followed by Toma, who loses a whopping 11 pounds!

He is relieved and completely overjoyed to have officially lost pounds. Toma's triumph, however, puts JJ in jeopardy.

He needs to lose ten pounds to stay safe This brings Rob's total weight loss this season to pounds, an incredible feat.

Unfortunately, that means best friends Woody and JJ have fallen below the Yellow Line and the others must vote one of them off the Ranch.

Toma chooses JJ, as he has a better support system at home. Jordan agrees and also picks JJ. Sonya makes her decision based on if there had been a Red Line, who would have gone home.

That means that JJ, with three votes, is sent home. But wait - Ali has an announcement! You're all about to experience Hawaii Biggest Loser style.

He plans to run a 5k and wants to educate former football athletes on how to stay healthy. First aired December 18, Welcome to Hawaii!

The players will be competing for two weeks in Kauai, taking advantage of all the island has to offer. The contestants work out on the beach, taking advantages of the water, sand and rocks all around them.

Sonya feels great - she's smaller than she was at the height of her softball career and realizes her glory days are now.

For some of the contestants, however, it's surreal to be back in a place they've visited while at their heaviest. They missed out on a lot of the opportunities Hawaii has to offer the first time and refuse to repeat the past.

Dolvett is concerned about Rob, whom he thinks isn't showing up in full force. Rob isn't feeling well - he's dizzy and blacking out and doesn't want to be here.

For the first challenge in Hawaii, the players must kayak 1, feet out into the ocean to a buoy, where they pick up puzzle pieces and bring them back to shore to complete a puzzle.

The winner gets a prize, which will be revealed in the puzzle. Woody is terrified - he hates deep water and has never been on a boat.

Lori is the first one in her kayak, while Woody is in last place, terrified of tipping over. Jordan and Lori quickly take the lead, and while Lori easily unclips her puzzle pieces, Jordan can't seem to unhook them.

Toma and Sonya flip their canoes and end up in the water, while Rob finally gets his puzzle pieces, only to flip over. Lori's the first one back, with Jordan right behind her.

It's a close one, but Jordan solves the puzzle first and wins a helicopter ride around the island. He chooses Toma to join him, and the two men are ecstatic to experience Kauai from a whole new vantage point.

Back in Los Angeles, Bob once again has two football players, J. Scott is feeling fantastic and can't wait to get back to the ranch.

After a difficult hike, Bob shows the men photos of themselves when they first came to the ranch. Scott thinks he looks like his dad and admits he had given up, while Bob tells J.

At the Comeback Canyon weigh-in, it's time to see which football player will stay another week. His starting weight is , and he loses exactly eight pounds to reach !

He's ecstatic to not only reach his goal, but also to get under pounds. He marvels at how different he feels physically and emotionally pounds later.

Now Scott, at pounds, needs to lose at least seven pounds to stay in the game. He steps on the scale and drops eight pounds to !

He's so proud of how far he's come and feels he's leaving a better person. Meanwhile, in Hawaii, Jen takes Woody and Sonya on a snorkeling trip.

She's encouraged them to overcome their fears all season, and now she wants them to help her push past her fear of water.

The three White Team members have a beautiful time and Woody and Sonya thank their trainer for saving their lives and helping them get to this point.

As the contestants paddle into their first Hawaiian weigh-in, they are all nervous about the Red Line, seeing as travel often complicates weight loss.

Sonya is up first and is six pounds away from losing pounds, a feat she never thought was possible. She steps on the scale at pounds and is overjoyed to lose exactly six pounds to weigh pounds.

Lori is up next and drops 10 pounds to weigh This is the first time she's lost double digits, and she couldn't be happier. Bill King was hired for the play-by-play and Scotty Stirling an Oakland Tribune sportswriter was color commentator.

The team's first regular season home game was played on September 11, , a 37—22 loss to the Houston Oilers.

The Raiders were allowed to move to Candlestick Park for the final three home games of the season after gaining the approval of San Francisco's Recreation and Park Commission, marking the first time that professional football would be played at the new stadium.

Wilson Jr. After the conclusion of the first season Soda dropped out of the partnership, and on January 17, , Valley, McGah and Osborne bought out the remaining four general partners.

Soon after, Valley and McGah purchased Osborne's interest, with Valley named as the managing general partner. After splitting the previous home season between Kezar and Candlestick, the Raiders moved exclusively to Candlestick Park in , where total attendance for the season was about 50,, and finished 2— Valley threatened to move the Raiders out of the area unless a stadium was built in Oakland, but in the Raiders moved into 18,seat Frank Youell Field later expanded to 22, seats , their first home in Oakland.

Under Marty Feldman and Red Conkright —the team's second and third head coaches since entering the AFL—the Raiders finished 1—13 in , losing their first 13 games and making for a 19—game losing streak from and before winning the season finale, and attendance remained low.

After the season, Valley hired Al Davis , a former assistant coach of the San Diego Chargers, as head coach and general manager.

At 33, he was the youngest person in over 30 years to hold the position of head coach, and the youngest person ever to hold the position of general manager, in professional football.

Though the team slipped to 5—7—2 in , it rebounded to an 8—5—1 record in He also initiated the use of team slogans such as "Pride and Poise", "Commitment to Excellence", and "Just Win, Baby"—all of which are registered trademarks.

Two months later, the league announced its merger with the NFL. With the merger, the position of commissioner was no longer needed, and Davis entered into discussions with Valley about returning to the Raiders.

On July 25, , Davis returned as part-owner of the team. On the field, the team Davis had assembled and coached steadily improved.

In , John Madden became the team's sixth head coach, and under him the Raiders became one of the most successful franchises in the NFL, winning six division titles during the s.

The first post-merger season saw the Raiders win the AFC West with an 8—4—2 record and go all the way to the conference championship , where they lost to the Colts.

Despite another 8—4—2 season in , the Raiders failed to win the division or achieve a playoff berth. In , with Wayne Valley out of the country for several weeks attending the Olympic Games in Munich , Davis's attorneys drafted a revised partnership agreement that gave him total control over all of the Raiders' operations.

McGah, a supporter of Davis, signed the agreement. Under partnership law, by a 2—1 vote of the general partners, the new agreement was thus ratified.

Valley was furious when he discovered this, and immediately filed suit to have the new agreement overturned, but the court sided with Davis and McGah.

That year would see the team achieve a 10—3—1 record and another division title. In the divisional round of the playoffs , they were beaten by the Steelers 13—7 on a play that would later be known as the Immaculate Reception.

In , Oakland had a 12—2 regular season, which included a nine-game winning streak. They beat the Dolphins in the divisional round of the playoffs in a see-saw battle before falling to the Steelers in the AFC Championship.

The playoff game against the Dolphins is known in NFL lore as the Sea of Hands game in which running back Clarence Davis caught a late 4th-quarter touchdown amid three Miami defenders to win 28—26 and end the Dolphins' chances of a three-peat and a fourth consecutive Super Bowl appearance.

In the season opener, the Raiders beat Miami and ended the Dolphins' game home winning streak.

With an 11—3 record, they defeated Cincinnati in the divisional playoff round , but again fell to the Steelers in the conference championship.

In , Valley sold his interest in the team, and Davis — who now owned only 25 percent of the Raiders — was firmly in charge. Al Davis later tried to sue Steelers coach Chuck Noll for libel after the latter called safety George Atkinson a criminal for the hit.

The Raiders won 13 regular season games and a close victory over New England the only team to beat them in the regular season in the first round of the playoffs.

Oakland's opponent was the Minnesota Vikings , a team that had lost three previous Super Bowls. The Raiders led 16—0 at halftime.

By the end, forcing their opponent into multiple turnovers, they won 32—14 for their first post-merger championship. The following season saw the Raiders finish 11—3, but lose the division title to 12—2 Denver.

They settled for a wild card playoff berth, beating the Colts 37—31 in two overtime periods , but then falling to the Broncos 20—17 in the AFC Championship.

Although the Raiders achieved a winning record at 9—7, they failed to qualify for the playoffs. After ten consecutive winning seasons and one Super Bowl championship, John Madden left the Raiders and coaching in to pursue a career as a television football commentator.

The following off-season, the popular gun-slinging quarterback Ken Stabler was traded to the Houston Oilers , a move which was unpopular and criticized at the time.

In the fifth week of the season , starting quarterback Dan Pastorini broke his leg and was replaced by former number-one draft pick Jim Plunkett.

Plunkett led Oakland to an 11—5 record and a wild card berth. With the victory, the Raiders became the first ever wild card team to win a Super Bowl.

To Tom Flores, the coaches, and the athletes: you were magnificent out there, you really were. The team would not see a repeat performance in , falling to 7—9 and a losing record for the first time since Prior to the season, Al Davis attempted unsuccessfully to have improvements made to the Oakland—Alameda County Coliseum , specifically the addition of luxury boxes.

The move, which required three-fourths approval by league owners, was defeated 22—0 with five owners abstaining.

When Davis tried to move the team anyway, he was blocked by an injunction. In response, the Raiders not only became an active partner in an antitrust lawsuit filed by the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum who had recently lost the Los Angeles Rams , but filed an antitrust lawsuit of their own.

On June 23, , Davis signed a letter of intent to move the Raiders back to Oakland. The move was greeted with much fanfare, [30] and under new head coach Mike White the season started off well for the team.

Oakland started 8—2, but injuries to starting quarterback Jeff Hostetler contributed to a six-game losing streak to end the season, and the Raiders failed to qualify for the playoffs for a second consecutive season.

As part of the agreement to bring the Raiders back to Oakland the city agreed that they would increase the capacity of the Coliseum.

The structure was completed in time for the season. After two more unsuccessful seasons in and 4—12 in under White and his successor, Joe Bugel , Davis selected a new head coach from outside the Raiders organization for only the second time when he hired Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Jon Gruden , who previously worked for the 49ers and Packers under head coach Mike Holmgren.

Under Gruden, the Raiders posted consecutive 8—8 seasons in and , and climbed out of last place in the AFC West.

Oakland finished 12—4 in the season, the team's most successful in a decade. Led by veteran quarterback Rich Gannon , Oakland won their first division title since , and advanced to the AFC Championship, where they lost 16—3 to the eventual Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens.

The Raiders acquired all-time leading receiver Jerry Rice prior to the season. The recovery would have led to a Raiders victory, however the play was reviewed and determined to be an incomplete pass it was ruled that Brady had pump faked and then "tucked" the ball into his body, which, by rule, cannot result in a fumble — though this explanation was not given on the field, but after the NFL season had ended.

The Patriots retained possession of the ball, and drove for a game-tying field goal. The game went into overtime and the Patriots won, 16— Shortly after the season, the Raiders made an unusual move that involved releasing Gruden from his contract and allowing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to sign him.

In return, the Raiders received cash and future draft picks from the Buccaneers. The sudden move came after months of speculation in the media that Davis and Gruden had fallen out with each other both personally and professionally.

Bill Callahan , who served as the team's offensive coordinator and offensive line coach during Gruden's tenure, was named head coach. Under Callahan, the Raiders finished the season 11—5, won their third straight division title, and clinched the top seed in the playoffs.

Their opponent was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers , coached by Gruden. The Raiders, who had not made significant changes to Gruden's offensive schemes, were intercepted five times by the Buccaneers en route to a 48—21 blowout.

Some Tampa Bay players claimed that Gruden had given them so much information on Oakland's offense, they knew exactly what plays were being called.

Callahan's second season as head coach was considerably less successful. Oakland finished 4—12, their worst showing since After a late-season loss to the Denver Broncos , a visibly frustrated Callahan exclaimed, "We've got to be the dumbest team in America in terms of playing the game.

The team's fortunes did not improve in Turner's first year. Oakland finished the season 5—11, with only one divisional win a one-point victory over the Broncos in Denver.

During a Week 3 victory against the Buccaneers, Rich Gannon suffered a neck injury that ended his season and eventually his career; he never returned to the team and retired before the season.

After a 4—12 season and a second consecutive last-place finish, Turner was fired as head coach. On February 11, , the team announced the return of Art Shell as head coach.

In announcing the move, Al Davis said that firing Shell in had been a mistake. Under Shell, the Raiders lost their first five games in en route to a 2—14 finish, the team's worst record since Oakland's offense struggled greatly, scoring just points fewest in franchise history and allowing a league-high 72 sacks.

Wide receiver Jerry Porter was benched by Shell for most of the season in what many viewed as a personal, rather than football-related, decision.

One season into his second run as head coach, Shell was fired on January 4, Kiffin coached the Raiders to a 4—12 record in the season. After a 1—3 start to and months of speculation and rumors, Al Davis fired Kiffin on September 30, Their finish to the season would turn out to match their best since they lost the Super Bowl in the season.

However, they still finished 5—11 and ended up third in the AFC West , the first time they did not finish last since They produced an identical record in ; however, the season was somewhat ameliorated by the fact that four of the Raiders' five wins were against opponents with above-.

At the end of their campaign, the Raiders became the first team in NFL history to lose at least 11 games in seven straight seasons. In , the Raiders had a better draft than those of the previous years and also cut Jamarcus Russell in May after he showed up to minicamp overweight.

The outlook for the team improved, but it was not apparent after they opened by suffering a 38—13 rout in Tennessee.

Returning to Oakland, the Raiders defeated St. Louis and then lost a 21—20 game in Arizona. After a home loss to Houston, they beat their division rival Chargers 35—27 for the first time in seven years, and then lost the "Battle of the Bay" to San Francisco.

The Week 7 game in Denver set records as the Raiders crushed their division rival with eight touchdowns two passing, five rushing, and one interception return , setting a score of 59—14 for the most points in franchise history.

After beating Seattle 33—3 and then Kansas City 23—20 for a third straight win, the Raiders went into their bye week with a winning 5—4 record.

However, after the bye week, the Raiders fell to Pittsburgh and Miami before beating San Diego and losing to the Jaguars. A home win over Denver in Week 15 saw the team approach a playoff spot, but faltered in a loss to the Colts which ensured that they would miss the postseason for the 8th straight year.

By beating Kansas City in Week 17, the Raiders became the first team in NFL history to sweep their division and still not make the playoffs.

Despite beginning to turn the team around, Tom Cable was fired by Al Davis soon after the season ended for remarking "I finally began to feel that we weren't losers.

The physically frail, but still sharp Davis explained his decision to fire Cable by saying "If. During all this time, Al Davis, who was now past his 80th birthday and in increasingly poor health, refused to hire a general manager or relinquish his absolute control of the team's on-field activities and he continued to make all major decisions regarding draft picks, trades, or signings himself.

He came under fire both for this and for strategies that were out-of-step with the contemporary NFL, in particular, his attempt to recreate the vertical game used by Daryl Lamonica and Jim Plunkett.

Jamarcus Russell was drafted due to Davis's assumption that he had the proper physical traits needed for this style of play. The signing of Randy Moss in also proved a costly mistake that consumed large portions of salary cap space.

With their new coach in place, the team opened in Denver for their first prime-time appearance in three years. On a rain-slicked Monday night, Oakland won an extremely sloppy game 23—20 after repeated penalties and Broncos mistakes.

In Week 2, the Raiders lost a wild shootout match in Buffalo 38—35, beat the Jets 34—24, and then lost to New England 31—19 for a 2—2 start.

After flying to Houston for a match with the Texans, the Raiders were stunned by the news that Al Davis had died at his home on October 8 after having been with the franchise for all but its first three years of existence.

With Al Davis's passing, Hue Jackson was effectively in charge of all on-field decisions and he finally convinced Bengals owner Mike Brown to give up Palmer in exchange for all of Oakland's first-round draft picks.

The deal thus having been made, Palmer stood under center as the Raiders hosted Kansas City in Week 7.

But the team lost as Kyle Boller threw three interceptions to open the game while Palmer replaced him early in the second half.

However, he also threw three interceptions, losing 28—0. With the AFC West extremely weak, the Raiders vacillated between 3rd and 1st place as the season progressed.

A three-game losing streak in December badly harmed their playoff chances, but up to Week 17, they remained in contention to clinch the division.

However, the Raiders lost a must-win game at home to San Diego and so for the ninth year in a row failed to make the playoffs or produce a winning record.

Despite rumors of selling the team, Al Davis's family indicated that they would retain ownership. At Davis's death, the once-elite franchise was a mess, with one of the NFL's oldest rosters, almost no salary cap space, and valuable first-round draft picks squandered on bust players and Carson Palmer.

Surveys of players across the league consistently showed that the Raiders had become one of the least desirable teams to play for.

In addition, with the Miami Marlins obtaining their own ballpark in , the Raiders became the last team in the NFL to still share a stadium with a baseball franchise.

The outdated, deteriorating Oakland Coliseum, which also occupied a high crime neighborhood, was a further impediment. The team was plagued by fumbles and dropped passes, and did not score a touchdown until near the end.

Nfl Gewinner - Die erfolgreichsten Quarterbacks der NFL

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Nfl Gewinner Er findet in der Regel am ersten Sonntag im Februar statt. Die wichtigsten Statistiken. Nachdem AB gemeinsam mit Russell Wilson und Lamar Jackson trainiert hat, check this out man sich wundern, ob es doch zu einem weiteren Comeback kommt. Los Angeles Raiders. Statistik speichern. Diese Funktion ist Teil unserer leistungsfähigen Unternehmenslösungen. Franco Harris. Pro Player Stadium. Louisiana Superdome. Weitere verwandte Statistiken. Larry Csonka. San Diego Chargers. In Statista.

Nfl Gewinner - Super Bowl Champion

Juli Indianapolis Colts Baltimore Colts — Die Übertragungen erfolgten bis auf Sat. Ausgenommen davon ist der Da die Saison im Herbst beginnt und das Finale im Februar des darauffolgenden Jahres stattfindet, hielten die Verantwortlichen die Nutzung von Jahreszahlen für ungeeignet. Mit dem Sieg im Unternehmenslösung mit allen Features. Das Interesse am Football in Deutschland stieg in den letzten Jahren deutlich an, dies lässt sich auch an den Mitgliederzahlen des American Football Verbandes ablesen. Harvey F2tekkz. Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Super Bowl I am Asien und Ozeanien. Dazu News, Videos und Ergebnisse - in der kostenlosen ran App! Und geben Euch einen Überblick. Jetzt registrieren. Statistik speichern. Der Austragungsort wird in der Regel bereits auf drei bis fünf Jahre im Voraus festgelegt. Weitere Inhalte: Das könnte Sie auch interessieren. Im freien 888bet Fernsehen wird seit der Super Bowl übertragen. Weitere Quellenangaben anzeigen. Either he or Lori will earn a spot Polen Ergebnis the final four, while the other will be check this out tonight. Jackie Pierson36, Pacifica, California. They won't click the following article their trainer or access to the gym. Retrieved June 4, The Super Bowl is the second-largest day for U. Toma is up next and, at visit web page, needs to lose more than three pounds to stay in the game. Week 4 Nfl Gewinner all about the luck of the draw, as the contestants must face the Biggest Loser Lottery. The San Francisco 49ers would not move into Candlestick Park until the season. KonzeГџionsmodell Rams to move on January 12, with the San Diego Chargers having the to join them within a year. With the sideline twist having no effect on the weigh-in, the White Team is on their own to make sure they stay six members strong.

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