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ESL One Cologne will happen on 16 - 18 July with a live audience next year. All purchased tickets for the edition will be valid for the event. ESL One: Cologne was to be the seventh time ESL's headline event returned to the Lanxess-Arena; featuring 16 teams competing for a. Die ESL One Cologne findet erst wieder vor Publikum statt. In diesem Jahr werden die eSports-Spiele der Öffentlichkeit lediglich per Livestream. Die ESL One Cologne ist sowohl das dritte CS:GO Event der ESL in , als auch das fünfte offizielle CS:GO Valve Major für das Unternehmen. Eventbrite - ESL presents ESL One Cologne - Friday, July 16, | Sunday, July 18, at LANXESS arena, Köln, NRW. Find event and ticket.

Esl Colonge

Die ESL One Cologne ist sowohl das dritte CS:GO Event der ESL in , als auch das fünfte offizielle CS:GO Valve Major für das Unternehmen. ESL One Cologne - WEEKEND / Einlass ab 16 Jahre! Tickets LANXESS arena, Köln. Tickets jetzt kaufen und live dabei sein! ESL One: Cologne was to be the seventh time ESL's headline event returned to the Lanxess-Arena; featuring 16 teams competing for a. HellRaisers 16—9 Overpass. The Americas Minor had four teams invited, three teams from the North American qualifier, and one click the following article from the South American qualifier. Astralis jumped out to a lead before Dignitas put a round on the scoreboard. He picks off Hiko with his pistol then switches to the AWP and picked off jdm The first round of overtime became a 1 vs 3 situation for coldzera. Katowice Cologne. ESL Gaming GmbH will use the Spiele Sun Tide - Video Slots Online you provide on this form to provide news about existing and Größte Bauprojekte Der Welt esport events in your region and relevant marketing updates about your favorite game. It will be a Pferderennen Hoppegarten Road to Colognewhere the world's best teams will Cricket Feld togehter. Bitte beachten Sie vor dem Eintritt unbedingt die Liste der verbotenen Gegenstände. A2 2nd. Wir wollen, dass Sie die Inhalte und Services von GamesWirtschaft auch künftig kostenlos abrufen können. I read and confirm the privacy policy.

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Follow us. Die Zweit- und Drittplatzierten werden zum Viertelfinale vorrücken, während die Erstplatzierten direkt im Halbfinale stehen. Jetzt Cuboro Riddles spielen! Der Frühling kommt und so laden zahlreiche Frühlings- und Ostermärkte zum farbenfrohen Besuch ein. If you have already booked your trip to Cologne in , we advise to cancel and reschedule your bookings. Lernen Sie Bereiche kennen, die während der Veranstaltungen für Gäste nicht zugänglich sind. Mahjong spielen. All purchased tickets will be valid for Pro Tour Tier:. August — erstreckt. Click to see more no matter where everyone came from, all of us came together as one in Cologne. The road to Cologne within the ESL Pro Tour is tremendous and challenging and only the truly deserving will make it to the world stage with support! Auch Kopfschmerzen Spielsucht Fans lohnt sich der Besuch doppelt. Einlass: tba.

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ESL One Cologne 2019: Best Plays, Fails, Funny Moments

The first game of the playoffs in the Lanxess Arena pitted Virtus. Astralis defeated Dignitas in a total of four maps to move on to the playoffs but not before being upset by Gambit Gaming,.

Astralis has had a history of falling short of the grand finals, despite making the playoffs at all nine majors.

The first map was Ovepass, a map that Astralis in game leader karrigan feels comfortable on. Astralis won the pistol round, but Virtus.

VP would then go on an rampage before Astralis got two rounds on the board. That's all the Danish team would get in the first half as VP closed the half with a demanding lead.

However, Astralis would also show that the counter-terrorist side on Overpass is more advantageous. Astralis took the lead at and VP finally won its second round of the half to make it Astralis had a chance to close the map and complete the comeback after winning the 29th round and with VP lacking utility, it seemed likely.

However, the Polish team prevailed to send the game to overtime. VP won all three rounds of the first half of overtime; with an lead, VP was one round away from stopping the comeback from Astralis.

However, Astralis won its first two rounds of the second half of overtime and were poised to take the game into double overtime.

On Train, it was the Danes that jumped to a massive halftime lead. VP had an early lead, but Astralis came back with an advantage and then took the last three rounds of the half, giving Astralis an lead.

More troubled loomed for VP as Astralis took a lead and was two rounds away from evening up the series. This is when Virtus.

VP then went on to win the next four rounds of regulation then won four straight rounds in overtime to move on to the semifinals. SK Gaming won the last major and looked to reclaim the title as the best team in the world and have made top 8 at every major since ESL One: Katowice when it was the obscure Keyd Stars.

FlipSid3 has not been so lucky but finally made it out of the group stage after years of frustration. SK Gaming's players were originally known for their Mirage play when they were still on the rise, thus making it an ideal map pick.

SK Gaming immediately jumped to a strong lead and never looked back. The score ended up being a halftime advantage for SK.

FlipSid3 tried to mount a comeback by posting four rounds in the second half, but SK got four rounds of its own to easily take the first map Three of FlipSid3's players had less than ten kills.

Nuke was a different story. FlipSid3 won the pistol round and took a lead. SK did win the fourth round, but FlipSid3 answered right back to a lead, despite SK starting on the much favored side.

SK didn't let FlipSid3 get another round in the first half and won 8 rounds in a row to take a lead into the half. SK eventually took lead after winning the pistol and anti-economy rounds but the Ukrainian squad won three of its own to make a game.

FlipSid3 closed the gap at With the score tied at , SK finally got the coveted 15th round, but FlipSid3 won the last round to send the game to overtime.

SK struggled in the last few rounds of regulation, but turned it up in overtime as it won all three rounds of the first overtime.

FlipSid3 looked to answer back by winning the first two rounds of the second half of overtime and brought SK down to none of the ideal weapons — two pistols, an SSG which is a much weaker AWP , a UMP, and a shotgun only deals damage from very close distances — and barely any grenades into the last round of overtime.

SK earns another semifinals trip. WorldEdit had 31 kills and wayLander had 28 kills, but Shara struggled with only 15 kills. Na'Vi were very close to winning its first major earlier in the year against SK Gaming then Luminosity Gaming but lost Meanwhile, Team Liquid lost to the same Luminosity Gaming in the semifinals after taking convincing six and nine rounds leads and was one round away in each map from taking the games away from the Brazilian team.

However, against both teams, Luminosity prevailed and eventually won its first major title. Na'Vi has proven itself to be one of the three best Train teams along with SK and VP but the match started out as a struggle initially.

The teams traded rounds back and forth until it reached when Liquid started a three-round win streak before Na'Vi put up another round.

Liquid then took the last three rounds of the half to make the score However, once the team switched sides, the story was all Na'Vi.

Na'Vi limited Liquid to just one round in the second half and the CIS team ran away with the win, Hiko once again struggled with just 10 kills.

Na'Vi took an early lead but Liquid answered with three rounds. It was a back and forth affair between the two teams and eventually ended up in Na'Vi's favor.

This potentially spelled disaster for Na'Vi as Nuke is an extremely counter-terrorist sided map and Liquid proved why.

Liquid held Na'Vi to just four rounds in the second half and came away with nine rounds of its own to take the second map and tie the series up at one.

Hiko finally came alive for Liquid with 23 kills and s1mple, who would go on to join Na'Vi after the major, had 24 kills.

Edward had 31 kills for Na'Vi but that was not enough against Liquid. Cobblestone was one of the more lopsided maps there was at the major.

Liquid started off with a lead before Na'Vi would get on the board. The 4 round deficit for Na'Vi soon turned into a 9-round deficit as Liquid went on a streak.

The score soon became but Liquid would pick up two more rounds. In the 15th round, Na'Vi were limited but turned the situation into a 2 vs 4 and then a 1 vs 3 against s1mple.

Liquid then pulled off an unconventional pistol round to put Na'Vi on the brink. Na'Vi, however, won the economy round, setting back Liquid.

Na'Vi pulled it back to but Liquid put up a 15th round on the board. Na'Vi was not quite out yet as GuardiaN won a 1 vs 2 situation against Hiko and nitr0, putting Liquid's economy in ruins.

Liquid only had pistols and an SSG. Edward got rid of jdm64 but Hiko traded him right back. Edward had 18 kills for Na'Vi. GuardiaN had only three kills in the first half on his best personal map; although he did get 7 more kills, it seemed too little and too late.

Fnatic, the only team to win three majors, was back in the playoffs for the ninth straight major. Gambit was the surprise team in the playoffs, after defeating a shaky CLG and upsetting Astralis in the group stages.

Fnatic, ever since the departure of former in game leader Markus "pronax" Wallsten has not won a major tournament and since the wrist surgery of star player Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer has not won any big tournament.

Gambit rose from obscurity to becoming one of the best CIS teams. This series was simply two wide open games. On Train, Gambit started strong with a lead, but would only get one more round in the half after that.

The Swedish team pounced on the Russian team and earned an score heading into the second half. Fnatic then limited Gambit to one round in the second half to take the first map AdreN and spaze, two players who showed up big in the group stage, were quiet with just 12 kills each.

KRiMZ had 23 kills and olofmeister had 19 kills to easily defeat Gambit. The second map was won by Fnatic in an even larger margin. Gambit only won three rounds in the first half and zero in the second half.

Fnatic cleaned up Gambit to win the game on one of its best maps. Once again, AdreN and spaze were quiet with only 10 kills and the former fourth best player in the world Mikhail "Dosia" Stolyarov only had 7 kills.

Fnatic easily moved on to the semifinals. SK Gaming and Virtus. SK started strong with a lead but VP tied to score right back. VP took a lead but SK this time tied to score right back to VP would then win the last three rounds to take a lead into the end of the half.

SK won the pistol round and the next to rounds as the pattern of three rounds continues and tied the score at SK finally broke the pattern by taking an lead.

VP would tie the score at and took a lead. SK would get on the board again with a 12th round win in the 26th round.

The score was tied up once again at SK convincingly won the 29th round and was one round away from taking the first map.

TaZ goes down after the bomb is planted but NEO wins the 1 vs 2 situation to put the game into overtime. The first round of overtime became a 1 vs 3 situation for coldzera.

Snax, however, put coldzera down, giving the first round to VP. VP then take the last round of the half. However, the two teams traded rounds and VP was still up going into the last round.

SK was down a man and then two when TACO went down but fer got two quick kills to make it a 2 vs 2 situation. Map 2 was less exciting as VP were destroyed on Nuke.

SK took a lead into the half and then went in the second half to close out the map easily. Map 3 came to Mirage, a map both teams are internationally known for.

SK took the first three rounds, but VP tied the score back at 3. VP went on to win another 4 rounds before SK would post another round on the board.

SK would close the gap at and then , but VP took a three-round lead into the half by winning the last round. SK won the pistol and another two rounds to tie the score at SK finally took the lead for the first time since round five and extended it to before VP made it SK made it , but VP fought back with two more rounds to make it During this time, the AWP coldzera was carrying proved to be vital as he or his teammates had saved it in the prior rounds and avoided death.

This would come into play in crucial moments. In round 27, SK required a half buy, meaning the players bought a limited number of weapons and utility rather than buying fully, in order to save money for the following round.

On the other side, VP was fully equipped. TACO started things off with a shotgun kill onto byali. During all this, pashaBiceps sneaked his way all the way around to flank coldzera and FalleN and killed them both.

However, pashaBiceps ran right into fer and was killed, and SK survived to FalleN was traded by pashaBiceps. Both Legends at the last major as well, both teams will try to make the grand finals, with Liquid trying to be the first ever North American team to reach the milestone.

Liquid chose Cobblestone for the first map. Fnatic took an early convincing lead, but Liquid came back to a run to make the score , still possible for Fnatic.

In the pistol round, arguably the world's best pistol player, Dennis "dennis" Edman completely shut down Team Liquid and the gap closed to two rounds.

Despite s1mple's best efforts in the following round, Liquid nearly lost the round, but ELiGE clutched the 1 vs 2 situation.

Fnatic did not let that round play to the mind and tied the game at Fnatic then took a lead, but Liquid won the next two rounds to tie the game.

With Liquid up , olofmeister was in a 1 vs 2 situation with everyone on low health. JW struggled with just 13 kills. Fnatic took an early lead but Liquid tied the game right back at Fnatic would only get to 4 rounds by the end of the half and Liquid easily took an lead.

In round number 14, s1mple had a historic CSGO moment that is now idolized by graffiti in the place where it took place. In a 1 vs 2 situation against KRiMZ and dennis, s1mple was trying to clutch the round.

He went up to a place called "heaven", in which a scaffolding is at an elevated level. It was seen as impressive since no scoping and jumping causes the aim to be very inaccurate, but s1mple made it happen.

In the second half, Fnatic won 7 in a row to tie the game at 11 and then took the lead at After a timeout, Liquid brought it back to Liquid brought the game to in its favor.

KRiMZ was left in a 1 vs 4 in the final round of the game and died to nitr0 and Liquid became the first North American team to reach the grand finals.

Team Liquid upset Natus Vincere and Fnatic with the odds stacked against the team, with fans predicting that Liquid had less than a twenty percent chance of winning either set.

Liquid proved them wrong and became the first North American major finalist. However, this time it would need to defeat the best team in the world to pull off the complete Cinderella story.

SK Gaming came off of a hard-fought battle against the Polish team of Virtus. This was the first ever major final in which there was no European team present.

The first map went to Train, one of SK's best maps. SK won the first three rounds but Liquid answered back with a round of its own.

On a limited buy, SK managed to pull out a fourth round, resetting Liquid's economy. In the sixth round, coldzera planted with bomb with about five seconds left and was in a 1 vs 2 situation.

He picks off Hiko with his pistol then switches to the AWP and picked off jdm However, nitr0 and s1mple went down early and then TACO reacted quickly to Hiko's spray and killed him with ten seconds left to win the round.

Liquid would go on a run after TACO's clutch to make the score a close game. In the second half, SK proved that it had the best counter-terrorist side on Train of all teams.

SK went on an run in the second half, not allowing Liquid to get a single round, and took the game TACO had 24 kills for his team and coldzera had ELiGE had 18 kills for Liquid but s1mple only had 10 kills, not making an impact in the game.

Cobblestone was played by Liquid four out of the nine maps and won three of those games, losing only to Virtus. Liquid won the first two rounds but SK won a round in which it barely spent any money.

The score was tied after round 8. SK went on to win five rounds in a row to go up However, jdm64 temporarily stopped SK from getting a 10th round as he got an ace in the round.

SK did pick up a tenth round, but jdm64's ace prevented the Brazilians from going up SK started with winning the first three rounds but Liquid got an important 6th round.

However, that's all the rounds Liquid would get as SK would win the next three rounds to win and its second consecutive major, a feat that only Fnatic had achieved prior to the major.

While nitr0 did well with 18 kills, ELiGE and s1mple only had 11 kills each and Hiko only had 10 kills.

With SK winning another major, it is in now sole possession of second place in terms of major wins.

Fnatic still leads the way with three majors. Teams each consisted of one player from the tournament not on SK Gaming or Team Liquid, one professional female player, two casters, and an audience member.

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Log into your account. Affiliate-Links tragen zur Finanzierung unserer redaktionellen Arbeit und unserer see more Unabhängigkeit bei. A1 1st. Cologne New York. Our this web page is currently working out the final tournament details to Online Spiel Cooles bring ESL One Cologne to you, the fans, with a solution that is the best and safest for players, coaches, employees, and talent. Allow Facebook friends to see your upcoming events? Jetzt Cuboro Riddles spielen! Jetzt soll es Beste Spielothek in Molzig finden rein digitale, online übertragene Ersatz-Veranstaltung geben, die sich über eineinhalb Wochen — nämlich vom

Liquipedia will soon drop support for Internet Explorer. Cologne Rio Katowice Cologne. Cologne New York. Belo Horizonte Cologne New York.

Cologne Rio. Overview LAN Qualifier. Global Offensive. Pro Tour Tier:. Masters Champ. Group A [ edit ] Upper Bracket Round 1.

Upper Bracket Round 2. Upper Bracket Round 3. Proceed to Playoffs. Lower Bracket Round 1. Belo Horizonte Cologne New York.

Cologne Rio. Global Offensive. Group A [ edit ] Upper Bracket Round 1. Team Liquid July 2, - CEST. MVP PK Natus Vincere FaZe Clan Renegades NRG Esports Upper Bracket Round 2.

Team Liquid 2. Dust II. Natus Vincere 1. FaZe Clan 0. NRG Esports 2. Upper Bracket Round 3.

July 4, - CEST. NRG Esports 0. Proceed to Playoffs. Team Liquid. NRG Esports. Lower Bracket Round 1. MVP PK 0. Renegades 0.

Lower Bracket Round 2. I purchased my ticket via Eventim. I purchased my ticket somewhere else. We are going to miss every single one of you this year.

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Die "Cathedral of Counter-Strike" bleibt in diesem Jahr leer: Die ESL One Cologne in Köln findet als reines Online-Turnier statt. EGamersWorld☕ - ✋Alles über das Turnier ESL One Cologne ➦ CS:GO Disziplin ➦ ⚡Preisfonds: $ ➦ Turnierdatum: - ESL One Cologne - WEEKEND / Einlass ab 16 Jahre! Tickets LANXESS arena, Köln. Tickets jetzt kaufen und live dabei sein! Esl Colonge

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